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Arthur and Karen being Arthur and Karen. 

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      “What am I supposed to be looking at again?

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 ”Well, I don’t know.
     What does anything matter? We’re crashing!
      If you can stop obsessing over your rock impersonation—
                   and press that red button. I’d be very appreciative,
                                                            and also not imminently dead.

 ”Red button? I’ve been taught to not press red buttons.
   Do you know what it does or is it just one of those extra
   things and now you decide ‘Why don’t we see what this does’?”

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    “Maybe when we play charades.
    Definitely not when the ship is crashing.

          I told you to duck, not to become rock-man.”

    “Well I ducked. What does
      it matter how I ducked.

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    “Let’s go, Mister. Time to eat.
     What did you make him?


    “Tried my hand at pancakes.
           I guess I can’t really blame
      him for not eating them. ”

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    “Anthony      stay inside, please.
     Can you make sure he hasn’t run
     off? He’s refusing to eat breakfast.”

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“What are you doing,
          pretending to be a rock?

     This is hardly the time for rock impressions.”

       “Doctor, you just told me to get down. When
         is it ever a good time for rock impressions?”

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