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              ( a low grumble comes from the petite frame
                of the female, too tired to wake herself fully
                and acknowledge his presence. she knew that
                there was piles of work to be done, but the
                exhaustion of new motherhood had taken
 its toll. )

            ❝                         no.

              ( a hand presses against her back.
                leaning down, he places a kiss
                on the top of her head. )

            ❝You’re drooling on the
                table I just cleaned.❞

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     ”What are you giving me that look for?

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|| Long Gone ||



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Nothing else would matter in the world today
We could go on loving in the same old way
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      “Because of you. You fought for them,
       and sometimes when you fight hard
       enough, no matter how impossible—
                                        everybody lives.

        But today was definitely  with big 
        thanks to Mr Williams himself…
                            I thought it was lost.”

      “Come on, mate. Take the
       credit where it’s given to you.

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Send me a ≡ for my muse’s reaction to yours suddenly hugging them very tightly.

  “Oh… Rory! Steady on, not ready to
   regenerate just yet—
              have I done something?”

  “You had the option to leave, but you didn’t.
    You stayed and you saved them. You did.”

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send me your complete honest opinion of me

even if its rude

i want to hear it

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amy pond meme → seven scenes (5/7)
↳ “I didn’t know, I honestly didn’t, until right now.”

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